tessie_walsh_120x120Tessie Oliver

Tessie, who has lived at the Port all her life, was born in the McHardy Home on 30 April 1923. Her family lived in Lever Street. Growing up, she remembers a tight-knit community that was full of characters with names like “Taranaki Liz” and “Peter Pork Pie” who provided an endless source of curiosity and adventure for the kids.

Tessie worked at the National Tobacco Factory for 30 years in the ‘stripping’ and ‘making’ rooms, and as a part-timer for the last few years. She has vivid memories of the Husheer Brothers who owned and ran the factory for many years.

During the War, Tessie was in the Women’s Auxiliary. Over the years she has been a keen member of the Port Ahuriri Bowling Club and the Napier RSA.

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