Life & people of the Port

The Port people during this period were a unique product of their time and place. A few generations from New Zealand’s first pioneering settlers, or even immigrants themselves trying to make ther way in their new country, the ‘Portites’…

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Industry & Trades at the Port

Industry & Trades

The rhythms of life in the community at the Port took place in and amongst the noises, energy and workers of the industries around them.

Central to the history of Ahuriri was of course the…

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Places of the Port

Port School

At a meeting in 1866, Mrs Wilson who had erected a church and school on her property on the Spit, elected to turn it over for committee management; with a church service to be held in…

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History & Milestones of the Port

The development and story of Ahuriri and its community have been shaped by the multiple influences and forces of human design and urban planning, fortunes of economics and trade, nature and catastrophes, and to some degree luck. From…

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